HGUC MS-07B Gouf

Jon got me the Gouf at a sale in Stadium. While I was initially getting this kit, I changed my mind when there was another Zaku I sniper on sale. I was going to do the sniper in my theme colors as I could be disengaged with my current reservist unit.

I was so tired recently. I just fell asleep prior to this post, after eating my dinner. Just like that. That has never happened before. My mom said I slept for a short while, but it felt so long.

Anyway, since this was a spare kit that I had no idea of doing it in what colors, I decided to paint it in UV colors and name it Party Gouf. I was going to do some shading but as the name implied, it was not the time for it. I will do more details and add on the other stuff, but for now, here is the base model, coated with the future furniture lacquer coat.

20012017: New photos with panel line and the mirror shield.


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